Support to Industries / Industries Association for Textile & Apparel Park

  1. Name of the Scheme
    The Scheme is known as support for setting up of followingtype of Textile and Apparel Park anywhere in Gujarat Para 10.1.(ii), (ii), (iii).
    • Textile and Apparel-
      with provision of location of minimum 20 members of manufacturing/ service enterprises (max 25% service & allied enterprise)
    • Spinning Park –
      with provision for location of minimum 10 members of spinning units with minimum 150 acres Land, besides up to 35% land to be utilised for weaving activities.
  2. Operative Period
    From 05/09/2012 to 04/09/2017
  3. Who is eligible to get the benefit ?

    Group of Industries, an Industry Association/industrial house/co-operative society/ institution registered under the society Act/partnership Act / or company Act or any Government body like GIDC shall be eligible as developer.

  4. Assistance available
    • Up to 50% with maximum limit of Rs 10 Crore ( Rs 30 crores for spinning park) of total project cost for establishing common infrastructure facilities, excluding land cost.
    • Exemption payment of stamp duty on purchase of land required for park
  5. Other Conditions
    • The Park must have provision for the location of minimum 20 members of manufacturing / Service enterprises.
    • The park should be implemented i.e. developed, financed, constructed, maintained and operated as per approved Scheme
    • The Park needs to create minimum common infrastructure. Common infrastructure eligible for assistance as defined in Para 11.2, 11.3 & 11.4 of G.R
    • The project to be completed within three years from the date of approval
    • Expansion, modification / modernization of existing industrial Park not eligible
    • Developer / promoter to hold minimum 20% equity participation in project
  6. Application Form

    Application Form As per Annexure – 1

  7. Check List
    Sr. No.ParticularsRemarks
    1 Application in the prescribed format  
    2 Constitution of Applicant .  
    3 Project Report  
    4 Annual Report of the Industries / Association/Society/institution/company  
    5 Annual Report of the Industries / Association/Society/institution/company  
    6 Layout plan of Park, Land possession details copy of index, 7/12, 6-8 A village Forms.  
    7 Affidavit about dues or court case against Government  
  8. Procedure for sanction and Disbursement
    • The proposal for getting the assistance should be submitted to the respective District Industries Centre (DIC).
    • The DIC will verify / scrutinize the proposal & Forward to the Industries Commissionerate  with recommendation
    • On receipt of above report, Salt & Textile branch submit before the State level committee
    • The State level committee will approval the assistance as applicable under the scheme
    • The Textile branch will convey the decision about the decision of the committee about approval/non approval to the applicant, after approval of the minutes of the meeting.
  9. Guidelines for planning of Textile park(Common Infrastructure)
  10. Contact officers for further details /query

    Name : Shri S. S. Bhardwaj
    Designation:Dy. Commissioner of Industries(Texttile)
    Address: Block No. 1, 3rd Floor, Udyog Bhavan, Sector 11, Gandhinagar-382 016.
    Phone : + 91 79 79 23252686, 23252684, 23252580, 23252532
    E-mail :

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