Gujarat Industrial Policy 2015


‘Gujarat’ as globally competitive and innovative industrial destination that stimulates sustainable development & promotes inclusive growth.

Given the inherent strengths of the state,its strong positioning on a national and international platform, and by its constant emphasis on promoting excellence, Gujarat comes forward with a dual vision.

By making Gujarat as an attractive "Total Business Destination" expedite the overall country’s economic growth, thereby increasing the standard of living and prosperity among the people of Gujarat by giving them the opportunity for skilled employment and availability of nurtured enterprises.


  • To create employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workforce
  • To become a Global hub for manufacturing
  • To promote Ease of Doing Business to create business friendly environment
  • To provide pro- active support to micro, small and medium enterprises
  • To promote the spirit of innovation and incentivize enterpreneur ship among youth by providing specific sector skills and seed capital
  • Ensure effective implementation of the policies

The salient features of strategy

Being an industrialized state, Gujarat needs to have a strategy which can support industrialization through higher value addition. Accordingly, the salient features of strategy are:

  • Accelerating Development of Infrastructure
  • Promoting labour intensive industries
  • Focus approach for industrially under-developed Areas
  • Strengthening sector-specific vocational skills
  • Encouraging Universities for incubating start-ups & innovative product development
  • Support technology up-gradation and research & development
  • Promote trade facilitation & e-governance
  • Support to Service sector enterprises
  • Conducive labour reforms including more opportunity for women
  • Focus approach on ‘Make in India’ programme
  • To enhance last mile connectivity for strengthening development of infrastructure
  • To promote specific sector approach & value addition in production
  • To encourage the adoption of green, clean-energy business practices
  • To promote innovation, start-ups & technology transfer
  • Providing equity support for MSMEs & Start-ups
  • Facilitation to large/ mega projects


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