Scheme for Financial Assistance to Industrial Park

  1. Name of the Scheme

    Scheme for Financial Assistance to Industrial Parks, Gujarat Industrial Policy, 2015.

  2. Operative Period

    The scheme will come into force from 1/1/2015 and will remain in operation for a period of five Years. (i.e. 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2019)

  3. Objective

    To promote and encourage Industrial Parks by Private Institutions which aim at upgrading and improving state infrastructure and to boost economic activity and employment generation.

  4. Definitions:


    Institution means any Industries Association / any enterprise registered under the Societies Act, Partnership Act or the Companies Act or SPV constituted for setting up of Industrial Park. Such institution will be eligible to avail assistance under the scheme for setting up of Industrial Park. In case of park having more than 100 hectares area, the Institution will be allowed to develop park with co-developer during the development of Industrial Park.

    Industrial Park:

    Industrial Park means an estate which is developed in minimum area of 20 Hectares for establishment of minimum 10 industrial units to manufacture any product or service and having basic infrastructure facilities such as developed plot, internal roads, water distribution facilities, sewage, power distribution, communication facilities, Hostel for workers and such other facilities/services as may be required. Industrial Park above 100 hectares will be facilitated and assisted by government in peripheral external link infrastructure like road, facilities for drawl of water, drawl of power including substation, gas and effluent . disposal etc. In case of park having more than 1 00 hectares area, the Institution will be allowed to develop industrial park with co-developer with prior permission of SLEC.


    Co-developer means individual or legal entity who intends to participate in development of Industrial park with requisite capability of fund participation/technical skill/expertise in creation of infrastructure of Industrial Park. The co-developer will also be responsible for development of Industrial Park. GIDC may consider to enter into JV with developer of Industrial Park through transparent process to facilitate the Industrial project for allotment of land in Industrial park. The modality of JV shall be approved by the SLEC before entering into JV with GIDC.

  5. Quantum of Assistance:
    • The new Industrial Park will be provided incentive of @25 % of eligible fixed capital investment in building and infrastructure facilities (except land cost) maximum up to Rs. 30 crores.
    • In addition, the park will be provided financial assistance@25% of cost of Hostel/Dormitory Housing for domicile workers maximum up to Rs.20 crores. If prior approval of the committee for hostel/Dormitory housing for domiciled workers of the project is obtained.
    • The Developer of the Industrial Park eligible for reimbursement @100% of stamp duty paid on purchase of land as required for approved project by SLEC and Individual unit shall be eligible for reimbursement @50% of stamp duty paid by them on purchase of plot in the industrial park.
  6. Time limit for Project Completion:

    Project shall be completed within 5 years, 7 years and 10 years for the area of minimum 20 hectors, 50 hectors and 100 hectors respectively from the date of approval of the project by the State Level Empowered Committee

  7. Important things:
    • The Industrial Park/Estate are required to have minimum infrastructure facilities required for the Parks/Estates namely, internal roads, water distribution facilities, sewage collection and treatment, power distribution, communication facilities and other facilities as prescribed.
    • Indicative list of minimum infrastructure facilities are:
      • Asphalt Road/Cement Concrete Road.
      • Strom water drainage system.
      • Domestic sewerage collection and disposal system.
      • Streetlights.
      • Open & Green spaces.
      • Water & Power supply & distribution network.
      • Entrance gate & security & communication network.
      • Parking
      • Effluent treatment, collection & disposal.
      • Fire station/Fire fighting facilities with equipments.
    • The developer of Industrial Estates/Parks availing incentive under the scheme will not be eligible to avail incentive under any other schemes of the State Government, unless specified otherwise.
    • Approval of the Industrial Parks/Estate shall be accorded by State Level Empowered Committee.(SLEC)
      • Registration under the Scheme shall be approved by SLEC.
      • The assistance under the scheme shall be proportionally reimbursed in @25% and @50% based on expenditure incurred at least by @50% and @75% respectively and final payment will be made after completion of the Industrial Park.
    • The Developer of Industrial Park/Estate shall have to follow Third Party Quality Assurance (TPQS) system for the entire infrastructure development in the Industrial Park.
    • Disbursement/requirement of the assistance sanctioned by SLEC shall be released on availability of Govt grant.
    • Terms and conditions as decided by SLEC from time to time, shall be applicable to the Private Institution for development of Industrial Park/Estate.
  8. Necessary documents:
    • In-principle approval of the proposed Park
      • Application in prescribed format.
      • Constitution of Applicant Company/Institution.
      • Project Report.
      • Annual Report of the promoter Company/Institution.
      • Copy of Acknowledgement under Industrial Park Scheme
      • Layout plan of Industrial Park.
      • Village Map of the proposed land showing Survey numbers Copy of Registration under Industry association/industrial house or Institution registered under Private sector undertaking / Cooperative undertaking / Societies Act. / Partnership Act / Companies Act / Trust Act
      • Details of Co-developer –if industrial Park (if any) is more than 100 hectares
      • As mentioned in para 4.2 of application form
      • Other documents as specified in application form and checklist.
    • Final approval
      • Detailed Expenditure statements with C.A. Certificate.
      • Approved Civil Engineer Certificate.
      • GPCB/MoEF Clearance, if required.
      • Third Party Quality Assurance( TPQA) Certificate
      • Project Completion Certificate
      • DIC Team report as per appointed by IC.
  9. Procedure for sanction of assistance:
    • In-principle approval to Industrial Park:
      • Scrutiny of application submitted in prescribed format as per checklist
      • Developer is to be called for presentation after receipt of application
      • Agenda will be put up for approval of State Level Empowered Committee after presentation if finds eligible.
      • In-principle approval letter to be issued within 15 days from the date of approval.
      • After completion of industrial park Benefit of the stamp duty and other reimbursement after approval by the SLEC, and as per availability of government grant.
    • Reimbursement:
      • For reimbursement of final installment, developer have to submit application on along with all information as per checklist on completion of development of Park.
      • The assistance under the scheme shall be proportionally reimbursed in @25% and @50% based on expenditure incurred at least by @50% and @75% respectively and final payment will be made after completion of the Industrial Park.
      • Reimbursement of stamp duty on purchase and subsequent sale will be made after approval of SLEC committee on producing necessary documents.
  10. Conditions:
    • As laid down in para 4.0 as per G.R. dated.21.4.2015
    • As SLEC deemed fit to ask from time to time.
  11. Performa of prescribed Application Form and Checklist (Click Here)
  12. Industrial Park FAQ
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