Molasses Annual Production Plan

  1. Name of Work

    A.P.P is approved to the Industrial Unit like distilleries, Cattlefeed, Foundry which are utilizing Molasses as a raw material.

  2. Government Rules

    As per the Prohibition & Excise Commissioner’s Letter No 164, dt. 9/4/99.

  3. Purpose of giving APP

    To provide Molasses regularly & easily to the distilleries, Cattle feed, & Foundry units of the state which are using Molasses as a raw material.

  4. Incentive

    No incentive is available

  5. Procedure for approval of APP

    Applicant has to apply Online to the Industries Commissionerate Portal and Printout of Application to be submitted with necessary Documents as per Checklist to DIC. After proper verification & inspection, DIC is forwarding the application to H.O. With its recommendation. Molasses APP is granted to the unit after scrutinizing the application as per check list, for Ahmadabad & Gandhinagar district units have to apply directly to the H.O., Gandhinagar.

  6. Molasses Check List (Document to be Submitted with Application).
    • Name & Residential Address of Proprietary / Partners / Directors of the Enterprise.
    • List of Plant & Machinery.
    • Copy of License of Molasses held previously. Declaration, if such Molasses License is not held (In Case of Existing / Expansion Enterprise).
    • Copy of VAT/CST Registration.
    • Copy of Acknowledgement EM Part – I, EM Part – II, IEM, LOI, LOP as the case may be.
    • Month wise details of main Raw Material Purchased & Utilization for Last Two (2) Year Period (In Case of Existing / Expansion)
    • Of Power Connection & Consent Letter, if Power Connection in other’s name.
    • Copy of Consent to Establish (CTE) / Consent to Operate (CTO) from GPCB (Not Applicable in case of Pit Furnace and Induction Furnace).
    • Copy of Shop & Establishment Act Registration, in case of Municipal Area.
    • Details of Moulding Area (Not Applicable In case of Induction Furnace).
    • Inspection Required for Additional Requirement of Molasses in case of Expansion and Opinion of Inspector and/or General Manager (GM – DIC) in this Regards.
    • In case of Expansion and Enterprise holding Molasses License, Details of Consumption of Molasses for Last Two (2) Years – Month wise.
    • In case of Expansion, Details of Production for Last Two (2) Years – Month wise.
    • In case of Expansion, List of Additional Plant & Machinery Installed.

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