Assistance to Industrial Unit The Exhibition plast India 2015


  1. Name of the Scheme
    The scheme is available to the manufacturing units of Gujarat State which purchases machinery manufacturers from Gujarat based or outside Gujarat.
  2. Government Rules
    IMD GR No: MIS-102014-838475-P Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar
  3. Purpose of the Scheme
    • To promote Industrial Exhibitors /Trade fairs and sale of Plant& Machinery displayed in the exhibition, with a view to benefiting exhibitors (sellers) and buyers, hence the growth of Gujarat based industries increases.
    • To take lead in sale of Machinery in Plast India -2015
  4. Incentives
    • Assistance @ 5% of the value of Plant & Machinery purchased from Gujarat based machinery manufacturer during Plast India -2015 by industrial unit or Rs. 100 Lakhs whichever is less.
    • Assistance @3% of the value of Plant & Machinery purchased from machinery manufacturer other than Gujarat State based manufacturer during, Plast India -2015 by industrial unit or Rs. 75 Lakhs whichever is less.
    • The assistance will be only for Machinery value fixed at the time of booking during the exhibition or actual value period whichever is less.
    • Only basic value and excise duty to be considered as value of machinery and will exclude the cost of guarantee and warranty fee, transportation, installation & erection cost and other taxes.
  5. Application Format - Purchaser (Buyer) –Part –I and Sample Order Form
  6. Check list
  7. Procedure for approval of assistance
    Buyer: (Purchaser)
    • Buyer must be Industrial Unit registered in Gujarat State which possess valid TIN number & having obtained EM-I OR EM-II as the case may be OR IEM from GOI for manufacturing of one or more products.
    • The industrial unit will have to install Plant & Machinery and start production activity on or before 31/03/2017.
    • To submit to concerned DIC the prescribed Application from with proof of placing order for purchase of machinery from exhibition taking part in the Plast India Exhibition, Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar during 5th February 2015 to 10th February 2015.
    • Thereafter Industrial Unit shall inform the concern DIC that the Plant &Machinery Purchased during Plast India 2015 exhibition have installed and payment is made to the exhibitors.- Application Part –II (Intimation of Machinery Installation)
    • The assistance will be released by concern DIC after due verification of purchase, installation of machinery payments to the Supplier.

    For exhibition Organizer and Plant and Machinery manufacturer (Exhibitor):
    • To register exhibitors and sent the list of exhibitors to Industries Commissionerate on or before 6th February 2015.
    • To send list of Manufacturers –Exhibitors with Dome no/Stall No. & details of machinery displayed/ sold to Industries Commissionerate
    • Take order of industrial unit (of Gujarat state) with 10% value of Machinery as an order booking deposit and issue receipt of such10% payment as on advance with order confirmation mentioning delivery time.
    • Seller must have TIN number, EM-II OR IEM from GoI

    Both Organizer/Exhibitor will submit the details of order booking during the exhibition to Industries Commissionerate within 60 days from the last date of Exhibition and in prescribed Performa and copy of the sale order.
  8. List of Exhibitors 2015-16 – PLAST INDIA 2015
  9. Office Procedure
    Industries Commissionerate :
    • To obtain list of Manufacturer- Exhibitors with dome Nos& Stall Nos. from Plast India – 2015 organizers.
    • To obtain details of purchaser manufacturing units to sellers-manufacturers-exhibitors from Plast India 2015 organizers
    • To percolate information to all DIC’s & issue guidelines to follow.
    • To monitor the application, sanction, disbursement &grant, budgets etc.

    District Industries Centre :
    • Concerned GM DIC will issue receipt of part-I application.
    • The GM DIC will issue a receipt of application part –II received from the purchaser & proceed for verification & approval.
    • GM, DIC will issue sanction after observing necessary procedure & disburse the approved claim after obtaining necessary grants from budget allocations.
    • GM DIC to, report IC Office on monthly basis with list of Part-I and Part-II application, the requirement of grant & send progress report.
  10. Contact officer for further details/querry

    Name: Shri R.D. Barhat
    Designation: Dy. Commissioner of Industries (MSME)
    Address: Block No. 1, 4th Floor, Udyog Bhavan, Sector 11, Gandhinagar-382 017
    Phone no: 079-23252579, 52587, 52631
    E-mail :

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