Assistance for advanced training to Power loom owner/ jobber and worker

Assistance for advanced training to Power loom owner/ jobber and worker

  1. Name of the Scheme
    The scheme is known as assistance for advanced training to power loom owner/ jobber and worker to upgrade skills to work on Auto looms, High speed auto looms and Shuttle less looms and to improve their working style, skill and behavior.
  2. Operative Period
    From 05/09/2012 to 04/09/2017
  3. Who is eligible to get the benefit ?

    Power loom, jobbers and weavers and owners

  4. Assistance available
    • Allowances towards cost of transport & incidental expenses
      • to weavers @ Rs. 200/- per day for duration of two days
      • to Jobbers @ Rs. 300/- per day for duration of six days.

    No allowances will be given to Power loom owner.

  5. Other Conditions
    • The scheme will be operated through ATIRA, MANTRA and similar Institutions.
    • No fees will be charged by the Institution from weaver, jobber or owner for providing training.
    • Training period will be two days for weaver, six days for jobber and two days for power loom owner.
    • Fees to experts, practical training, facilities for training etc. will be decided in consultation with the office of Industries Commissionerate for each training program.
    • Reimbursement of actual cost for such expenditure will be given to ATIRA/ MANTRA or similar institutions as approved by State Level Committee.
  6. Application Form

    as per Annexure – 1

  7. Check List
    Sr. No.ParticularsRemarks
    1 Application in the prescribed format  
    2 Attendace Role  
    3 Statement of reimbursement of allowances  
    4 Statement of actual expenditure incurred for training  
  8. Procedure for sanction and Disbursement
    • ATIRA and MANTRA have to submit a proposal containing details of courses to be conducted, fees to experts, practical training, and facilities for training, etc to the Industries Commissioner.
    • ATIRA & MANTRA will submit a proposal for reimbursement of expenditure with Attendance Roll of the trainees to respective District Industries Centre (DIC).
    • The DIC will verify the proposal & forward to the Industries Commissionerate with its recommendation. (Time limit: 15 working days).
    • On receipt of above report, Salt & Textile branch shall issue disbursement order to Account branch of Industries Commissionerate, subject to availability of grant. (Time limit: 10 working days)
    • The bill will be prepared by Account branch and will be submitted. (Time limit: 10 working days)
  9. Contact officers for further details /query

    Name : Shri S. S. Bhardwaj
    Designation:Dy. Commissioner of Industries(Texttile)
    Address: Block No. 1, 3rd Floor, Udyog Bhavan, Sector 11, Gandhinagar-382 016.
    Phone : + 91 79 79 23252686, 23252684, 23252580, 23252532
    E-mail :

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