Lubricating Oil & Grease Regulation Order - 1987

Lubricating Oil & Grease Regulation Order - 1987
  1. Name of the Scheme

    To issue licence to the units engaged in re-refining (Including processing and storage) of used lubrication Oil under Lubrication Oil & Grease (Processing, Supply & Distribution order -1987)

  2. Government Rules

    Lubricating oil & Grease Order -1987, as per Government of India Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, New Delhi No:PI/3012/1/78 Sup./Dist (Vol.II) Dated 20th March-1987.

  3. Purpose of giving License

    Government of India, Department of Petroleum has issued an order in 1987. Regarding registration of the units engaged in Re-refining of used lubricating oil, the purpose of giving license is to make efforts to ensure that the used lubricating oil from major suppliers in the organized sector of industry in the state is supplied to the registered units only.

  4. Incentive

    No incentive is available

  5. Application format

    Processing - 1, Trading -1-A

  6. Checklist_lubricating

    Check List (Documents to be Submitted with Application)

  7. Procedure for Approval of License

    The General Manager, District Industries Center is declared as the competent authority to issue License to the manufacture / suppliers of the Lubricating Oil /Grease. The License is issued by General Manager District Industries Centre. Only the applications of New Industries Manufacturing Lubricating Oil & Grease are required to forward for technical opinion to the Industries Commissionerate. The necessary intimation is issued to the General Manager, District Industries Center for issue of License after the visit of Technical Committee

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