Agro & Marine based Industries

Sr. No. Name of the Company/Group Type of Project Investment in Crs. Location MOU / Announcement
1 Deepkiran Foods P Ltd Expansion of food processing units 2.53 Gandhinagar MOU
2 MAC Fills Enterprises P Ltd Ready to eat snacks food 34.00 Ahmadabad MOU
3 Bharat Food Co-Op Ltd Oil Refinary 40.50 Gandhidham MOU
4 Maxo (I) Pharmachem P Ltd Biofuel from Jatroph 35.00 Navsari/South Gujarat MOU
5 Inde’s Great Food CO P Ltd Proceesed Gherkins 44.70 Valsad MOU
6 Capital Foods P Ltd Food Park 45.00 Gandhidham MOU
7 Best Roses Biotech P Ltd Floriculture expansion project 6.50 Navsari MOU
8 Godrej Agrovet Ltd Palm Oil Processsing & Cultivation 250.00 South Gujarat MOU
9 Harsh Flora Floriculture 0.50 Navsari MOU
10 Bharat Agritech Floriculture 1.50 navsari MOU
11 Laxmi Hotels Inc USA 100 % EOU for Isabgil 7.50 Mehsana/
12 Well Spun Cotton farming 200.00 Surendranagar/
SK/BK/ Patan/Kutch
13 P M Marketing Cold Chain Project Food Park 17.00 Ahmadabad MOU
14 Greenfield /Canada Solar Powered Green House 10.00 Ahmadabad/
15 Urjamandir Agro Park Agro Park 50.00 Baroda MOU
16 Clary Ltd. UK R&D in Tobacco and Cigarette manufacturing 130.00 Gujarat MOU
17 NAFED Cultivation of Jatropha 30 Gujarat MOU
18 National Botanical Research Institute, Luknow (1) Collaborative Research in BT Cotton
(2) Navsari Agri. University
(3) Gujarat State Seed Corporation Ltd.
Gujarat MOU
19 Gujarat Oleo Chem Ltd Biofuel 10.00 Bharuch MOU
20 APEDA AEZ for sesam seeds 8.07 Saurastra MOU
21 Aaditya Aeromadic & Bioenergies P ltd Biofuel 5.00 Navsari MOU
22 Sonpal Export P Ltd Processing of SesameĀ  seeds 3.75 Amreli MOU
23 Vasundhara Khadigram Udyog, Surat Herbal & Floriculture Park 38.70 S.Gujarat MOU
24 Ganesh Foundation, Kadi Processing & packing of horticulture, floriculture & medicinal plants 34.20 N Gujarat MOU
25 Shivshiva Agri business Services Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad 100% EOU solar photovoltaic powered unit for barley powder 2.65 Ahmadabad MOU
26 Dhruv Makhan(I) Ltd., Ahmedabad Composite Agro park 28.50 Ahmadabad MOU
27 NDDB and Anand Agriculture University Embryo transfer technology 1.61 Anand MOU
28 Ace Rosil Exports, Surat Floriculture in Greenhouse system cut Roses 1.75 Surat MOU
29 Farm Fresh, Surat Greenhouse for Gerbera and vegetable – capsicum 1.18 Surat MOU
30 Mehul Flora, Navsari Floriculture in Greenhouse system for Gerbera and Carnation 0.33 Navsari MOU
31 Universal Floritech, Surat Floriculture in Greenhouse system for Gerbera and Carnation 0.64 Surat MOU
32 Janvi Flora, Surat Floriculture in Greenhouse system for Gerbera and Carnation 0.57 Surat MOU
33 Payal Flora, Navsari Floriculture in Greenhouse system for Gerbera 0.56 Navsari MOU
34 Sheetal Agro Indistries, Kutch Aloevera processing plant and plant 2.60 Kutch MOU
Total 1044.84